Thursday, September 25, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away....or Stay

There's something about the rain in the fall. What is it?
I was sure not to leave the house today without the umbrella. The sounds coming from the sunroom this morning proved my hunch to be true. The little drops pelted against the sunroom glass and although it was still dark outside when I woke up this morning, I knew that the sun would never fully come out to play.

I stumbled my sleepy self out of bed and got the girls situated and the boys ready to go. 6:15 comes so early on Thursday mornings, or any morning for that matter. The rain was pelting against the car, splashing through the puddles and washing away the dirty matter of the world.

I missed seeing the sunrise though. Thursdays I always get to see the sunrise as I am driving back into the city. The sun never rises the same, have you noticed that? I have an appreciation for things that are always changing. When my life remains the same and there is always order and discipline, the sunrise is everchanging and it lightens my mood.

I like seeing the colors sparkle beneath the clouds, like it's just peeking out to say hello! The vibrant orange-yellow haze cascaded by pink and white against a blue sky is always amazing to watch, but I especially love the way the light reflects off of the city buildings, the skyline brightens and the city has a beaming glow. I-264 is at a standstill with rush-hour traffic, so I like to take a moment to appreciate the beauty that's around me. From the seat in my car, I can almost feel the warm rays.

As sleepy as I was just 30 minutes before all changes, as my Thursday morning drive is awakened by the beautiful sunrise.

So today I missed the greeting of the sun.

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