Sunday, February 20, 2011

Are you Going to the Hukilau?

Hawaii is a place that is absolutely beautiful!! I was fortunate to go when my youngest was just a baby. The water is blue, the volcanoes are hot, sunsets are dreamy, steel drums and ukelele music fills the air, you can almost always see rainbows (double rainbow all the way) and the food is to die for!!

This cold winter weather keeps me in a funk, and it's not quite island time yet, so if you can't get to the Island, sometimes you've just gotta bring the Island to you.

This is a super easy crock meal that's truly island inspired including the sweetness of pineapple which is in abundance there, the punch of hoisin and the flare of fresh ginger. This dish doesn't disappoint. Trust me.

2 lbs. Meat (You can use a pork shoulder or tenderloin, beef roast, or even chicken)
1 clove garlic, finely chopped
1 small onion, sliced
1 can (8 oz) crushed pineapple in juice, undrained
3/4 cup ketchup
3 tablespoons packed brown sugar
3 tablespoons hoisin sauce
1 teaspoon grated ginger
Hot cooked rice, if desired

Spray 3 1/2- to 4-quart slow cooker with cooking spray. Place roast or chicken, garlic and onion in slow cooker. Spoon about half of the pineapple with some of the juice over ribs. Reserve remaining pineapple and juice.
Cover; cook on Low heat setting 8 to 10 hours.
About 35 minutes before serving, drain and discard cooking juices from slow cooker; wipe edge of slow cooker clean. In small bowl, mix ketchup, brown sugar, hoisin sauce, ginger and remaining pineapple with juice. Spoon or pour evenly over ribs. Increase heat setting to High. Cover; cook 25 to 30 minutes longer or until ribs are glazed. Serve with rice.

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Crystal said...

Sounds yummy! I've bookmarked this page!