Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cursive T Creations

I promise I have not been neglectful on purpose!!! I have a really good reason for taking a month long hiatus from blogging!

Family life has taken a turn, I'm working a few extra hours every week and as the end of the school year comes to a close I'm ultra committed to being that PTA mom I signed up to be when the school year started. I also just finished managing the soccer team for one of my adorable girls and we're almost to the end of Spring Dance season meaning recital is coming up soon :) All of this will end and we'll be beach bums this summer, I'm sure of it!

I have started a new endeavor though, and that is Cursive T Creations! It's my latest specialty handmade gifts company. Boutique style gifts that are affordable, adorable and so much fun to give!!!

Here are a few things I love to make!
Tutu Onesies
Flip Flops
Denim Tutus
Wooden Picture Frames
There are many items that I love to make and these orders have been keeping me super busy! You can check them out in my Boutique Web store Cursive T Creations!!! And you can also "LIKE" Cursive T Creations on Facebook!

Share it with your friends!!! I'd love to make something special for you!!!

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