Friday, September 10, 2010

The Best Veggie Appetizer

I always get "Can I have the recipe?" when I make this! It's such an easy and yummy way to eat veggies, especially for people who don't normally like to eat vegetables. I imagine you'd get the same reaction after you try this recipe! It's a great cool compliment to any warm dish.

I remember when I lived in Georgia, we had dear friends with children and every other weekend, we'd all get together and have dinner, let the kids play in the playroom, and we'd play card games. This was the appetizer I prepared and it was devoured by kids and parents!!

Refrigerated pizza crust
1 pkg fresh baby carrots
1 crown of fresh broccoli
1 package of Ranch dressing mix (dry)
1 package of cream cheese (block)

Roll out rectangle dough and bake on a baking sheet as directed per package.

In a bowl, beat together cream cheese and ranch dressing mix.
In a food processor or blender, process carrots into a fine chop, set aside. Chop broccoli into a fine chop, set aside.

Cool crust just slightly. Spread cream cheese evenly over the crust, top with carrots pressing gently into the cheese and top with broccoli pressing into the cheese.

Cut into squares and enjoy!

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