Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hit the Road Jack

There are no party stores that share my affinity for travel culture. So, when life hands you oranges....squeeze and add vodka, right? Oh, no....I mean, lemons make lemonade. Yeah, that's it.
One lovely thing about my office is that we celebrate birthdays in a big way. Each employee takes a turn celebrating the next person's birthday and if you know me, you will know that I LOVE a good party and I'm ultra organized and have to have things just so.

Well, the wonderful lady I was to prepare a fun party for is an avid RV'er. She loves to travel across this great nation with her family. So, when I considered a party theme, I decided "Road Trip" it should be. The most important part of any party is FOOD, right? And decor. However, one lemon was that I could not find travel partyware ANYWHERE. Another lemon, She is on Weight Watchers. How could I possibly have a decadent birthday feast with no thematic partyware?

I am resourceful. I MADE the decorations and baked up a mess of weight watchers breakfast pastries for the entire office. Add a couple of trays full of grapes and sliced strawberries, and the party was a HUGE success. The photos will tell it all. I scored the paper plates and napkins for mere pennies at Target.
I absolutely LOVE the table runner, a huge score on Route 66 fabric.

Tin buckets from Target in the $1 bins with printed interstate signs on a bamboo skewer, serve as centerpieces.

I took Vintage state postcards and stamp art, printed and cut out, stuck in a clean paperclip and slipped into muffins, buns, and rolls.
I even made a fun "World's Largest" road trip quiz for each employee to take a gander at guessing how well they know the U.S.

Where there are birthdays there will be cards. Since I tend to go against the grain, I found this very adorable cookbook perfect for the frequent traveler. We all signed this instead of a traditional card. Thank you Amazon.

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