Saturday, February 6, 2010

Fake Real BBQ

Mouthwatering Pork Barbecue is not hard to find. However, when it comes to pleasing anybody, you must have a variety of sauces. My favorite is memphis style bbq with a tomato based spicy sauce, but he likes Carolina BBQ, which means a cider vinegar based sweet sauce. So, here is my no fail success to crock pot style bbq. It's fake real bbq at home.

1 Boston Butt (also known as a Pork shoulder) mine was about 7 pounds.
your favorite style of rub

Place a ceramic bowl or saucer in the crock pot upside down with your meat sitting on top of it. This will not allow the meat to sit in the grease or juice offering a much better flavor and pulling the fat from your meat. Cover pork with your rub. I like the Montreal Steak rub.

That's it. Cook on low for about 10 hours.

Remove the cooked meat from the crock pot, allow to cool slightly and shred with a fork.

Top it with your favorite sauce and dinner is served.


Scrapping Julie said...

so no water in the crock pot?

Elle Girl said...

nope, not at all. Your meat will produce so much "juice" that you will not need any water!