Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hot Cocoa..... On A Stick

I came across an idea for hot cocoa on a stick and just couldn't resist making my own. While there are many variations and feel free to expand on your options, here's a quick tutorial on how it's done. The final result is absolutely delicious and it's a great gift for the kiddos in your child's class, daycare, teachers, etc. I plan to share with some people in my office alongside a variety of yummy Christmas cookies.

This is what you need:
12 oz. of chocolate chips (semi sweet or milk chocolate is best)
1 cup of non dairy creamer (I chose Vanilla Carmel, but experiment with the flavor that works best for you. You may want to use French Vanilla, Hazelnut, or Irish Creme. Not crazy about flavor? Make a basic hot cocoa with plain creamer.)
Then, choose something for your stick. Options are endless, you can use craft sticks, bamboo skewers, a decorative pick, or anything that strikes your fancy.
I chose candy canes because I thought they were festive for the holiday season. If you choose a candycane, be sure to unwrap them a few inches from the bottom.

In a medium bowl, pour in 12 oz. of chocolate chips and melt in the microwave until smooth. This will only take a couple of minutes.

Stir in the creamer until well blended. The mixture will be grainy and very thick. That's okay!!

Now it's time to put your cocoa mixture into your mold. Get creative. I chose a mold with deep wells I found at the craft store.
Ice cube trays will work well, a popsicle mold, just find what works for you. I would even say that a muffin tin would even work as long as you limit your amount of "batter".

My trick for easy cleanup is to use a ziploc bag as a piping bag. Place the batter in your bag. With a pair of scissors, snip off a corner, then fill each well of your mold. Insert a stick and allow the chocolate to firm up. About an hour. I added some decorative sprinkles just before inserting my candycanes, but you could leave them plain.

~Here's the end result~

I packaged mine in clear plastic bags I got from the craft store and tied them with a skinny ribbon and instructions on how to make hot chocolate....which is after all the most important part!!

Heat 10 oz. milk and stir chocolate until melted.

What a fun and yummy winter treat!! These would also make a great valentine gift wrapped in a heart bag and using a wooden stick with a paper heart on the top. Just an idea.

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TVGrant said...

How many does one package of morsels plus one cup of mix actually make?