Wednesday, August 10, 2011

National S'mores Day

I get excited about my favorite food holidays! And it's always so much fun to get others excited about otherwise overlooked occasions.This time of the year is often stressful at the office, so as a little pick me up for a chaotic afternoon, I thought it would be fun to celebrate this delicious holiday with warm gooey s'mores for everyone!! I was shocked that even some of the ladies had never had a s'more before. I'd hate to miss out on the classic gooey marshmallow and creamy melted chocolate smooshed between the crunchiness of two grahams.
My best buddy Tim brought the ingredients and we prepared them in our little kitch. Although there was no fire pit, I made it work in a toaster oven. The marshmallows puff up and get all toasty, just like when you top sweet potatoes and bake them for Thanksgiving.I took a tray full of these around to each office with a stack of colorful napkins and the campfire favorite was a huge hit and brought a little happiness to the most hard working group of people I know. Their smiling faces made my heart happy!
I hope you were able to celebrate this fun food holiday.

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