Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween S'mores

I've been pondering for weeks for what kind of treats to create for Halloween for the teachers. Last year we made Snack-o-lanterns. But this year I was kind of diggin' these Ghost and Pumpkin peeps, coated in their glittery-sugar goodness. Seeing as how they are marshmallow-- my mind always runs toward S'Mores!! And who wouldn't like ghostly s'mores, right?

So, I made these little treat bags.

A miniature chocolate bar, a ghost peep, and grahams. The perfect snack! I popped them in a little treat bag that I purchased from the craft store, stapled a on this cute little tag and done!

(Click the photo for your very own printable tag. You're welcome!)

You still have time to whip these up for the teachers in your life. Enjoy!

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