Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thanksgiving Menu

With my grocery list in hand, I headed to the market to do my Thanksgiving shopping. I've always done my Thanksgiving shopping in one special trip. Don't ask me why, somehow in my head it keeps me organized. I prepared my list ahead of time and even planned for a few suppers to make with what I hope will be the leftover turkey. I ended up with a 21 pound bird. That's a lot of poultry. Just sayin'.

There was a stocker whose job was to precisely stack the sweet potatoes for display in the center of the produce department. He was very good at his job and I could tell he took it very seriously. And I'm sure he will stay employed because at 28 cents per pound, he'll be stocking those yams all day.

There was an abundant selection of nuts in a bin. The baking aisle was amply supplied with the goods for pies and cakes and desserts. The cashiers were all wearing smiling faces and in a good mood. I'm not sure if that was because I arrived early, before the rush hour or because they're all feeling the happy effects of the upcoming holiday season...kind of like when the tryptophan kicks in after you eat a roasted turkey.

I was able to make it out of the store in less than an hour and didn't break the bank to feed the family this holiday.

Here's what we're having. What are you making??

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