Wednesday, November 24, 2010

'Tis the day before Thanksgiving

I'm surrounded by the warmth of our home as I look out the windows of the sunroom to view the vibrant fall leaves billowing through the air before they reach the ground. The glow of the afternoon autumn sun makes deep shadows against the trees. Beautiful snowflake lights surrounded by a glittery green wreath top each lightpost along the streets in the neighborhood. It's picturesque and I'm so thankful to live here. We may not have the best of everything, but we certainly make the most of the time we spend together.
Our year has certainly had its ups and downs...but through adversity comes strength and we have come to appreciate all of the trials we've endured this year because we've been shaped by each event. We have also had many incredible opportunities for growth and success and I've found that being flexible along the way and opening my heart and mind to new possibilities has allowed me to enjoy things that maybe I wouldn't have otherwise.
I'm so thankful we have overcome our obstacles and that our triumphs far outweigh all of the difficulties.

I always look forward to preparing and sharing a Thanksgiving feast with our family. This year is no different. We'll have all 5 children here, enjoy the Macy's parade curled up together in the family room with a yummy breakfast of pumpkin butter and biscuits or maybe some luscious Apple Cinnamon Rolls. We have our special dinner and enjoy ice-skating at our outdoor rink downtown in our beautiful city.

I pray your holiday is surrounded by family and friends and you allow yourself time to reflect on all of the events that brought you to where you are today. May you make the changes in yourself that you wish to see, and may you enjoy what the Lord has blessed you with.

~With love and hugs and happiness from our family to yours~

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