Sunday, November 21, 2010

Proud Soccer Mom

Yes, I am a soccer mom, but without the mini-van. I've managed my 9 year old daughter's soccer team for the last year and I absolutely love it. Among all the day to day things I'm involved in (and there are a LOT, lemmetellya) the "Hurricanes" team is the most rewarding and fun thing I get to do. I've met lots of wonderful people through our local soccer league.; many I am proud to say, have become true friends.

There's nothing like the chill of the air on a Saturday morning, squealing children clad in cleats and shin guards, and parents with their foldable arm chairs sitting on the sideline cheering on their child's team.

What does a team mom do exactly? Well, I'm responsible for organizing snacks and drinks, making sure the parents know when the game is and what field it's on. I don't really stop there, though. This fall I organized an outing to watch an Old Dominion University Women's soccer match, organize the tournament event making sure our girls had Hurricane tattoos through a special order of course. And most importantly, organizing an end of season party. That's just to name a few. :)

The trunk of my car is full of soccer gear at any given moment. I always have extra socks, there could be a rogue ball that someone left at practice, a penny leftover from scrimmaging, or maybe someone's water bottle. And I never leave the field until every child has been picked up.

I'm a simple volunteer, but I love every minute of being involved and spending so much time with my daughter. Not only is our coach the best in the league, but the parents on our team are so special and are willing to help in an instant, which makes my job super easy. The girls on our team are fantastic players and really get along with each other, which is what makes our team amazing.

We ended our season at a local pizza parlor. The pizza was great, the social time was wonderful and one of our mom's made an incredible soccer ball cake. (shame on me for forgetting the camera) Each girl was presented with their soccer medals, certificates, and team photos.

Of course the coach's gift is an integral part of the closing of a season and our coach deserves so much because of her hard work and dedication. I presented her with a gift from the team and the team presented me with something so special and dear to my heart.

I was presented with a wonderful gift to Williams-Sonoma, which is one of my favorite places and I have a lot of fantastic kitchen pieces. But the best part: (If you know me, you know how much I love Handwritten Recipe Cards), but each parent/child on the team gave me these special recipe cards with one of their favorite dishes. I couldn't be more thrilled!! What a GREAT team to be a part of.

Thank you to the Hurricanes and Congratulations on an amazing soccer season!!

Here are my 2 little sweeties with their awards!!

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Crazyredhed said...

I hadn't read this one until now. What a sweet story. :)